A Florida SR22, “safety responsibility” certificate is a, Certificate of Financial Responsibility mandated by the state of Florida. It is an insurance requirement for bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage amounts.

Due to prior violations on your driving record, the state believes you are more likely to commit future violations. “SR22 insurance” or an “SR22 bond,” as it is sometimes referred to, is proof your minimum Florida insurance requirements are being satisfied. An SR22 is submitted to the state electronically by your insurance company once the proper insurance is attained.


There are three types of SR22’s,

  • a Non- Owner Certificate,
  • Owner’s Certificate and an
  • Owner-Operator Certificate.

An insurance agent can review the details of each one and advise you on which best suits your needs.

Non-Owner Certificate -This type of certificate is appropriate if you drive a vehicle but do not own one. It is ideal for occasional drivers or drivers who use rental cars.  Regularly driven cars, company cars or a car titled under your spouse’s name will not be covered.

Owner’s Certificate – An Owner’s Certificate indicates you will only be driving a vehicle or vehicles that you own.

Owner-Operator Certificate – This will cover any vehicle you drive, whether you own the vehicle or not. It is recommended if you drive a company car and it covers all your bases regarding driving and vehicles, making it the most comprehensive and most popular type of SR22.